Fun for kids and adults

If you want to learn more about the wonderful world of foraminifera and you are looking for some activities you can do with a group,
then check out our workshops, school or public presentations, and email us if you would like to book one. 

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Sculpterig foraminifera

Workshop online or on site

This hands-on workshop is super fun and not just for kids! We use modelling clay to model foraminifera (or Nina & Berry) with a simple technique and paint them with acrylic colours when they are dry.

Children and adults will learn a lot about these wondrous creatures in a fun way.

The duration of this workshop is approximately 60-90 minutes, but we can also adapt it to your needs. All required material and all further technical information
we will discuss by email or on the phone with you 

Knitting foraminifera

Workshop online or on site

Workshop for teenagers and adults

Drawing Nina & Berry

Workshop online or on site


Watercolour foraminifera 

Workshop online or on site

beginners teenagers and adults


Presentation about foraminifera

Ocean Senses Educational Kits

Public presentations – methane gas ..

Ocean Senses experiential kits for people with disabilities