Foraminifera Boogie

This song was written on board of the research vessel RV Kronprins Haakon
in May 2022 on the AKMA Ocean Senses Cruise and later performed by children from the Tromsø International School SFO/TAPP in Norway. 

Since then we have created two karaoke versions, one with voices and one with just the Banjo playing, so that you can sing and learn the song with your children and school classes.

Our goal is to get as many schools as possible to sing this song, learn
about foraminifera and then send us the video so we can present it
here on our site.


The lyrics can be downloaded here


Have fun and thanks for taking part ;)))))

Foraminifera Hip Hip Hooray 😉

Karaoke Version – vocals 

Karaoke Version – instrumental

Foraminifera Boogie around the world

International School of Tromsø Norway, SFO/TAPP
Lead by Mandana Knust

Lycée Sacré Cœur de Tourcoig, France
Lead by Victor